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A strong team

Our 75-year success in the construction and real estate sector is thanks to our close-knit team. At A.G. van Bladeren, we believe in effective communication and close collaboration. Our short internal communication lines ensure that we can switch quickly and efficiently. This allows us to find innovative solutions for every challenge Our talented professionals bring not only experience and craftsmanship but also a strong commitment to excellence Thanks to our team, we can deliver high-quality services that meet the highest standards in the industry

Tjerk van Bladeren

General Manager

Tjerk is responsible for general and organizational management Along with Bjorn, he also leads construction projects and ensures top standards in the management of A.G. van Bladeren

Cheyenne Wijs

Financial Administrative Employee

Cheyenne optimizes financial and administrative management with her business-oriented approach

Bjorn Schoolaert

Technical Director

Bjorn is responsible for technical and construction management and directs our skilled professionals

Dedication to Quality

Tradition and craftsmanship of A.G. van Bladeren B.V.

A.G. van Bladeren B.V. was founded in 1947 by Arnold Gerard Van Bladeren is a true family business that specializes in renovation, restoration, and new construction in both residential and commercial construction Among our clients are individuals, homeowners’ associations (VvE’s), property managers, municipalities, and businesses

The strength of the company lies with our employees, known for their down-to-earth and personal approach In addition, they are flexible and can smoothly incorporate any changes during the work into the project With our years of experience, extensive knowledge, and skilled people, we are a trusted partner for the execution of various construction projects for many existing and new clients




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