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Maintenance for homes and buildings.

Maintenance is crucial to preserve the condition and value of your property. With our expertise and specialization, we cater to all your maintenance needs.

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We take care of your concerns.

Maintaining homes and buildings in good condition involves various considerations. With the maintenance program offered by A.G. van Bladeren, necessary maintenance tasks are systematically carried out, providing you with complete relief.


How we proceed

Step 1

Upon contacting us, we will delve into the details of your home or building, followed by a maintenance analysis.

Step 2

The analysis will be accompanied by a plan of action and schedule. Once approved, the maintenance tasks will be executed.

Step 3

Upon completion, the project leader will review the work. This ensures quality and satisfaction.


Benefits of Maintenance

Preventive and Planned

Components of your home, building, or installations are proactively replaced to prevent future defects.


Corrective maintenance identifies and immediately repairs existing defects, minimizes damage, and preserves property reliability.


Why us?


We guarantee complete openness and transparency, providing customers with insight into all costs and performed activities during the maintenance process.


Our high-quality craftsmanship and extensive knowledge ensure professional maintenance, resulting in sustainable and reliable solutions for every project.

Clear communication

We ensure transparent and timely updates on progress, so that clients can confidently utilize our maintenance services.

Free of charge and without obligation

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For maintenance tasks, you can easily request a quote. Fill in all required fields, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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