A.G. by Bladeren Real Estate Agency B.V.

Your management organization for Homeowners Associations (VvE's) and real estate properties


Why us?

Everything under one roof

For all aspects of managing Homeowners Associations (VvE's) and real estate, you can turn to us One point of contact - quite convenient


With our experience as a management organization and versatile knowledge about properties, we have the right expertise in-house.


You can rely on our integrity and dedication in managing Homeowners Associations (VvE's) and real estate.

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About A.G. van Bladeren

The team within the contracting company closely collaborates with the real estate agency in the field of technical and construction expertise. This experienced team, in collaboration with external partners, ensures the successful execution of construction activities

Getting to know

A strong team

Our team is built on strong collaboration with short internal communication lines.

Tjerk van Bladeren

General Manager

Tjerk is responsible for both general and organizational management as well as technical and construction management within the Homeowners Association (VvE) and real estate management.

Cheyenne Wijs

Financial Administrative Employee

Cheyenne optimizes financial and administrative management with her business management expertise and result-oriented approach.

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